Fit to Lead

Fit to Lead is a programme for managers who need to engage and inspire their teams to new levels of performance.

At the end of the programme, the participants will have learned the following:

  • How to effectively communicate a compelling vision for the future that will inspire, attract and engage their team members
  • How their personal leadership tendencies will support and hinder their ability to IGNITE others
  • How to build mutual trust – the bedrock of effective leadership
  • How to hold conversations with team members to create alignment and motivation including career planning, influencing, value, accountability, personal brand, change and meaning making.
  • How to use a toolkit for important conversations
  • How to discuss strengths and potential so that individuals are inspired to take action
  • Workshops
    theory sessions inperson or virtual
  • Skills Labs
    deliberate practice sessions
  • Practice Assignments
    on-the-job practice opportunities
  • Assessments
    two assessments to ensure skills are embedded



  1. Demonstrates a commitment to learning and development.
  2. Adopts a conversational style that is open, flexible and present.
  3. Applies relationship-building techniques to create trust and rapport.
  4. Enables insight and learning through powerful questioning, clarifying techniques and feedback.
  5. Creates more awareness in others through conversations and activities thereby enabling others to take on new narratives and take inspired action.