Interventions and Solutions

We offer numerous interventions that are customised according to the client’s needs:

  • Emerging and key talent programmes
  • Development Management Programmes
  • Onboarding programmes for graduates and call centres
  • Graduate Development Programmes
  • Mentoring and Coaching programmes, both individuals and groups
  • Management Development Programmes
  • Development Workshops and Talks

PATWORK Development Management Certification

We are currently working on a Development Manager Certification process that will support our clients’ efforts to wage, and win, the war for South African talent. It is directed at stakeholders who are responsible for the training and development of high-potentials and top performers, at various points in the employment life cycle. Whether they are in Human Resources (HR) or Learning and Development (L & D), these role-players often need support in ensuring that the organisation’s people truly are its most important assets. Through our interactive learning process, they should be able to configure their talent management practices and priorities in a form that best supports their organisation’s strategic focus.